Targeting preferences

Targeting preferences allow you to "target" specific details about a job or customer; giving you control over which customers contact you. Setting your targeting preferences helps you get more of the leads you want and less of those you don’t want.

Targeting preferences includes travel preferences and job preferences, and are part of turning on Targeting for a service.

Turning on Targeting

Targeting gives you a boost in search results because it tells us that you are actively taking new customers and have the availability to take them on right away.

To turn on Targeting:

  • Log into your account.
  • Click Services on your left navigation panel
  • Click Set up targeting for any of your services.

These steps will walk you through the steps and ends with Targeting being turned on.

When you pay with Targeting turned on

Targeting is turned on for a service once you've completed all targeting preferences for a service, set a weekly budget, and added a card on file. You can pause targeting for any service, any time.

Once targeting is on you can get two types of leads:

  • leads that are an exact match to all your preferences
  • leads that are not an exact match.

With targeting on, you pay automatically when a lead is an exact match to all your preferences.

If the lead is not an exact match, you will be given the option to accept or decline it. You pay if your accept and do not pay if you decline.

We will always indicate which leads are an "Exact match" and which leads you automatically paid for. Look for the "Exact match" and "Paid" badges on the lead details.

It is a good idea to reply to all exact match leads since they are the perfect job.

Remember, turning Targeting on ensures you get the best possible leads for your business and increases you chances at being picked by customers in search results. 

Helpful Hints

  • Broader preferences will get you more leads.
  • Different services require different preferences, so be sure to set up your preferences for all your services.
  • Editing your preferences is easy to do, so you can toggle them on and off based on the needs of your business

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