Hide my business

Hit pause on new leads.

Are going away on vacation? Is your schedule full this week? You don't have to turn off each of your services individually, you can simply hide your business from search results.

This can be done for up to 30 days each time. During this chosen time, you can still message your existing customers, but new ones will not be able to find or contact you. 

How to hide your business.

1. Go to your services page

2. Select Hide my business temporarily

3. Choose an end date (up to one month out)

4. Select hide my business

At 7am ET of the date you selected, your business will reappear in search results. Remember, your business is live again, so you will need to ready to respond to customers.

If you would like to resume sooner than your chosen date, you don't have to wait. Go to your services tab and click Unhide my business.

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