Sign up as a pro

Creating a business profile on HomeGuide is a simple process that will increase your exposure to potential customers and help you grow your business.

Signing up as a pro means creating a profile to promote your business. This includes a profile photo, images, location, website link, etc.

In addition, we will ask you some questions about your business such as, what types of customers/job are you interested in? and what is your budget for jobs?

The help us make sure you are seen by the right customers and receive the best jobs.

Building a strong profile with photos and reviews is important to getting hired.

Once the process is complete, customers searching HomeGuide will be able to find your profile and reach out to you directly. We will also introduce you to other customers who might be a good fit for you.

Create your account

Here's how you create your business profile:

  1. Go to our Join as a pro page
  2. Select your main service and enter your business zip code, then click Sign up for free
  3. Input your contact information and create a password to create your account.
  4. Next, the website will walk you through the a process to finish building your profile and setting up your preferences.

Q & A

What does it cost to become a pro?

You can sign up and create a profile at no cost. We list you in search results for free as well. Customers choose who they want to work with. You set your own prices, and you contract directly with customers. does not take a commission or charge any subscription fees. You pay for the leads you are interested in.

Do pros work for

No, service providers do not work for We explicitly help customers find pros for their home service needs. Pros on set their own prices, and communicate and manage payment for services directly with customers.

I want to become a pro but I already have an account. How do I sign up?

If you already made a account, log in and be sure you have completed your profile and have your notifications on to receive jobs. If you don’t remember your password, you can reset your password

I’m already a pro. How do I add another service to my account?

To add another service to your account, log in and then visit your Services page. This is where you can add new services and make edits to existing services.

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