How to get the right leads

To get the customers you want, you can make adjustments to your preferences until the leads you receive are right for your business.

It's important to set your preferences because if they are wrong, you might hear back from and pay for leads that aren’t a good fit for your business.

How to get more jobs:

  • Expand your travel radius and area. By increasing how far you're willing to travel, you will increase the chances of getting more jobs 
  • Expand your job preferences. By expanding and adding to your preferences, you'll be matched with more jobs. Try offering all the services you can.
  • Free up your schedule and availability. Try opening your availability on weekends and for evenings to see how many more customers you get matched with. When you set your schedule, be sure to turn the flexibility option on.
  • Increase your budget. By increasing your budget, you'll be matched with more jobs and appear higher in search results. This will lead to more people viewing your profile, reaching out, and deciding to hire you.

How to be more selective:

  • Reduce your travel radius and area. Decrease how far you travel to limit your pool of potential customers. 
  • Narrow down your job preferences. This will allow you to focus on the jobs you do best. 
  • Block off time on schedule and availability. You’ll receive fewer requests because you’re now only available at certain times. When you set your schedule, be sure to turn the flexibility option off.
  • Decrease your budget. Decide how many new customers you want to match with each week. We'll never charge you more than the number you set, and once you hit your budget, we’ll stop sending you leads.

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