My Inbox

Use your Inbox to find messages from your customers and easily manage every step of the hiring process.

How to use your inbox

Use the dropdown menu to filter your list by message types or job status.

Message types

Here are the message type filters and how to use them:

Filter How to use it
All messages This is where you will find any quotes where the customer has responded and you have an ongoing chat (unless you've archived
Unread For quotes where you have an unread message from the client.
Archived Use this to hide quotes that didn't materialize, just to keep your All messages filter clean.
Starred Use this filter for quotes you want/need to keep an eye on.
Sent quotes These are for new quotes you sent where the customer has not yet responded. Once the customer responds those quotes will be included in the main All messages filter as well.

Job status

Use the job status dropdown on the chat page to label quotes and help you stay organized. You can then filter by status in your inbox. Those filters include

Filter How to use it
Pending This is the default status for all quotes.
Job confirmed When the you and the customer have set a date and a service is scheduled.
Job done For after you've completed the service and the job is done.
Not hired This can be applied to any quote that didn't result in a job. Direct leads that you decline will automatically be given this status.

Send a message

Here's how to reply to a customers message:

  1. Find the customer you’d like to reply to
  2. Click on the customer’s job to visit the chat page.
  3. Type your message.
  4. Select Send.

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