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What is my response rate?

Your response rate is how fast you respond to new customer messages and new requests. We understand it can be challenging at times, but if you can respond within 30 minutes you will be hired much more and ranked higher in search results. The current response rate metric we use measures the percent of responses that are under 24 hours.

Pro Tip

Response rate leads directly to more hires. You should respond to every customer who reaches out and pass on leads that are not a good fit.

Here's why being quick matters

The speed at which you get back to customers means a lot, here's why:

  1. Customers see you provide great communication from the start, which is an important factor.
  2. You have a much higher chance of getting hired — many customers hire the first pro they hear from in an emergency or time-sensitive situation.
  3. Pros who respond quickly rank high in our search results we show customers. Learn how customers find you and how to rank high.

Tips to improve your response rate

Here are a few tips to improve your response rate and increase your chances of being hired:

  • Try and respond to all leads you get as soon as you can. If they are not a good fit, pressing pass also applies as a response.
  • Make sure you have both email and text notifications turned on so you know when you get a new lead. Choose from emails, text messages, or both.

How to respond to new messages

Once you get a new message, we'll send you a notification via email and/or text message. These messages will also show up in your Inbox. Follow these steps to respond:

  1. Visit your In progress page
  2. Look for messages marked with a New tag or a blue dot on mobile devices
  3. Click on the customer's name or details to see the customer’s message and review the job
  4. Write your message to the customer
  5. Click Send 

When you send your reply to a customer make sure to answer all their questions and concerns. Also, be sure to express interest in working with them too. It's always a good thing to remind customers why you are the one for the job and why they should hire you. 

Once you start replying quickly, you'll see your communication rates and hire rates increase. The more you talk with customers the better you'll get and the more likely you will be hired.

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