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HomeGuide is a search engine customers use to find professionals for their projects. We include your business profile in search results for free, so customers can find and contact you directly.

Getting leads

A lead is when a customer chooses to contact you directly. We call these direct leads.

Pro Tip

As soon as you receive a direct lead via email or text message, it’s time to respond. Pros who respond quickly have a better chance at getting hired.

What determines my rank?

Your placement in search results varies based several factors including what service the customer is searching for, where they are searching from, and if they have any filters applied.

The secret to appearing high in search results in making your profile stand out from the crowd and that you are actively engaging with customers who contact you.

You can do that by focusing on these four things:

  1. Profile
  2. Pricing
  3. Reviews
  4. Respond quickly

1. Profile

Your profile is your first impression to potential customers; a well done profile helps you stand out in search results and encourages new customers to contact you for their project.

Pros who have completed their profile in full show up higher in search results. Be sure you fill out every section, add high-quality photos and be sure to add everything a potential customer might need.

Read more about your profile.

2. Pricing

Price is an important factor for many customers. We know it's not possible to have an exact price listed for every type of job, but when it makes sense, we give you the option to enter pricing.

We know it can be challenging adding prices for some services you offer, but the benefits of adding upfront prices are well worth it; even if your pricing is just an ballpark estimate.

Here's why you should add prices:

  • You'll avoid customers who are window shopping or in the planning stage and reach out just to ask you how much you charge.
  • The customers you hear from know your costs upfront and there are no surprises. Customers usually have a specific budget and this makes sure the right customers find you.
  • When you add your prices you'll naturally appear higher in our search results because this is what customers want to see. Be sure to share realistic prices that reflect your regular rates to get the most interest from new customers.

Learn how to set prices.

3. Reviews

Reviews are one of the most important things your profile can have. It shows off real-world experiences other customers had with your business. In many instances, we have seen positive reviews double the number of views a profile gets. The number of reviews is important but also what the customer has to say and how high of a rating they gave you.

Pro Tip

The key is getting lots of reviews from happy customers is to ask customers for reviews after the job is done.

There are a few ways to get more reviews on your profile. Learn more about reviews.

4. Response Time

Your response time is critical. Especially when customers reach out to multiple pros. The key is to respond to new leads and messages as quickly as possible. The faster you can respond back to customers the more likely you are to win the job.

A quick response is so important that we now use it as a factor in our search rankings. The faster you respond, the higher up you appear in search results. Faster response = more leads = more hires.

Read more about responding quickly to customers.

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