Your Services

Tell us which services you offer

Add all of your services to your profile and complete targeting preferences for each one. This is how you get in front of the right customers.

You can add as few or as many services as you want!

Target the right customers

We know you prefer some jobs over others. Set up targeting preferences to tell us what specifically makes a job right for you, so that we can get you the best possible leads.

For each service you can complete the following:

  • Job Preferences – These are details about what makes a job or customer perfect for you. Preferences help you get more of the leads you want, and less of those you don’t.
  • Travel Preferences – Choose how you meet customers. They travel to you, you travel to them, and/or you offer your services remotely via the internet or phone.

When a customer’s job exactly matches all your preferences, it’s a big deal! We call these exact match leads and it means they are an ideal customer.

After you have completed your targeting preferences and set your weekly budget, you will be auto-billed for exact match leads. Your weekly budget controls how much you spend on exact match leads each week. Your budget is the maximum we can charge you per week for leads across all of your services.

Targeting ensures you show up in the right search results and get seen by more of the right customers. Don’t miss out on perfect customers because you didn’t have your preferences set up.

Adding your prices

For some services, you may be able to add your prices.

Your prices are shown to customers as estimates, so they can see about how much you charge for certain job. You can set prices for each service including any extra fees that you may charge.

For some services, pricing upfront isn’t feasible. We don’t ask about your prices for those services

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